Colleges and Universities

You’re Shaping the Future. Are You Equipped for It?

College and university campuses are a challenge to manage with a mix of buildings, equipment and spaces. However, focus at the university level is on remaining competitive, increasing enrollment and attracting the best students and faculty. Making these small cities of students and faculty operationally efficient while also providing a superior learning environment and the best on-campus living conditions is possible with connected building management solutions.



Your Institution

Attract the best and the brightest with a smart, connected campus that is as agile and innovative as the people using it.

Your Energy Costs

Link our building automation system with a 3rd party room booking software via our open RESTful API so that your HVAC and lighting are scheduled based on room usage; effectively reducing energy wasted.

Your Faculty, Students and Staff

Faculty and staff have the flexibility to adjust the lighting, temperature, and sun blinds of whatever classroom they are in from a user-friendly touchscreen, while students enjoy more productive and comfortable learning environments with optimal air quality, light and temperature.

Your Campus Buildings and Operations

Unify and integrate your disparate building systems from multiple vendors into one open platform without getting tied down to one service provider. Leverage technology such as RESTful API, BACnet IP, connected controllers and unified systems to help future-ready your campus as technology continues to advance.