• IP-based
  • 4″, 7″, and 10″ displays
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • Preloaded visual interface
  • Access and display of multiple controller data


From mechanical rooms to small building applications, allows system integrators and facility managers to access, view and engage with operating parameters of your ECLYPSE or EC-NetAX system for simplified commissioning, operations and troubleshooting.

  • IP-based, resistive color touchscreen display
  • Preloaded with a visual interface that connects directly to your ECLYPSE controller, showing internal controller points, or EC-NetAX¬†building management system
    • View, edit, and configure operating parameters of an HVAC system: input and output values, schedules, alarms and PID loops
    • Create a list of favorites to rapidly access commonly-used values
  • Color-coded icons provide at-a-glance indication of alarms and override conditions
  • Easily monitor values, equipment and system status, and view alarms so as to perform diagnostics and take corrective actions
  • Available in 3 sizes, can be panel or wall mounted

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